Sunday, November 18, 2007

Flock plugins on Ubuntu

So you just downloaded Flock, fell in love with it and believe this is the browser for you. Previously, you already installed all the preferred plugins for firefox , yet Flock does not see them on Ubuntu? Where are the Flock plugins on ubuntu! Not to worry, just paste this into a terminal window as you see it below:

cp -r /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins /$HOME/flock/

Neat, huh? Needing more help getting Flock setup to be your new default browser? Not a problem. First, create a shortcut on your desktop from the folder you installed it to. For me, I have it stored here:


You might have it in a similar spot. Now right click on your desktop, create a launcher, browse to wherever you have your Flock folder stored at and make sure you have it aimed at the ‘Flock’ file itself, such as you see with my example above. Now to create an icon for this, right click again and select properties. Where it says no icon, click that button on the left and browse to wherever you have your installation at while browsing into the /icons folder inside the main flock folder. Locate mozicon50.xpm and make that your icon. That’s it, you now have Flock working as advertised in Ubuntu.

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